Auto-scroll to end after stock data is loaded

This is the "autoscroll to end on load" button. (We also refer to it as the magnet button.) It is located near the lower right corner of the graph viewport. This feature is initially off. Click the button to toggle it on.

When the magnet button is toggled on (when active, a red border will appear around it as shown above), then when any stock is loaded, Insider TA will auto-scroll the graph so that the last box is in view. This is the same action that occurs if you right-click the pan-right button in the Viewport Control Panel.

The magnet button is a helpful utility if you haven't loaded a particular stock for some time. With the weeks or months of data that have accumulated, you would normally have to move the graph manually to see recent activity. The magnet button performs this task automatically.

To disable this feature, press the magnet button to toggle it off. The red outline will disappear, indicating it is inactive.