Viewport Control Panel

Viewport Control Panel The Viewport Control Panel contains buttons for panning, zooming, stretching, and compressing the Insider TA graphical display (also called the "viewport"). It will pop-up automatically whenever data is loaded for viewing. The slider at the bottom adjusts the animation speed of the viewport graphics when any of these buttons are used.

Most users like to "float" the Viewport Control Panel on top of Insider TA's main screen because that gives more room in the main window for your My Bookmarks list. To toggle between "floating" and "fixed", click the tiny button () in the upper left corner. Note that this button will be disabled if Insider TA's window doesn't have ample space.

When the Viewport Control Panel is "floating", you can drag it around the screen by holding down on its background (the non-gray portion shown here) with the left mouse button.