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November 11, 2019

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Insider TA™ Version 7.0 Demo download

The Insider TA™ demo includes much of the functionality of the Professional version, but is limited to working with the 175 (approx) supplied demo data files.  After installing, you might want to follow the steps outlined in our Demo Help page.

Insider TA certified by SoftPedia

File to download:

(Download anywhere, then click to install)

File size:

23,470,339 bytes

Windows 8/10 Smartscreen popup dialog:

Windows 8/10 may pop up the following dialog when attempting to run the above setup program. There is no need for concern if you see this dialog! Check the "I understand the risk..." checkbox, and then click the "Run anyway" button, as shown below:

Windows 10 Smartscreen dialog is a false positive for the Insider TA Demo program.

(On a side note, here is a helpful Youtube video on how to disable this Smartscreen filter, if you're tired of seeing it too often.)

After the demo program is installed, please note the following:

  1. ITA Version 7.0 Professional and Standard, like it's predecessors, implements a periodic License Validation process. We refer to this as checking-in, and it is a process that utilizes your Internet connection.  Check-in's are not required for the demo program, but there is a test facility accessible from the top menu line that demonstrates it (click Internet, then select "Check-in and download Insider TA updates", as shown here...

  2. Insider TA has an Internet Update facility that allows you to update it to the latest build.  You will be presented with this option after responding Yes or No to the check-in prompt discussed above.  Feel free to perform an Internet Update every week or so, because many fixes and/or enhancements may still be implemented in the near future.

  3. The demo software is supplied with read-only data files for you to evaluate Insider TA with. This includes the scanning process.

  4. All this and more is discussed in greater detail in the online help guide.

See the comparison grid to learn the differences between Insider TA Professional and Standard editions.

NOTE: The help documentation included with the demo software includes many snap shots of Insider TA's switches and controls. Because Insider TA's interface implements customizable "skins", be aware that pictures in the documentation may not look exactly like what you see on your computer.

We hope you enjoy using this demo software, and if you have any problems or questions, please email us.


- Stock Blocks, Inc.

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