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September 25, 2023

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Point&&Figure Zoom Window Quick Stock Picker Menu Viewport Control Panel: Fixed/Floating button Viewport Pan Up Button Viewport Pan Left Button Viewport Zoom Button Viewport Pan Right Button Viewport Pan Down Button Stretch/Compress buttons Framing Speed Control Viewport Control Panel Insider TA Title Bar Windows System Button Main Menu Bar Online Help Button File Scan Utility File Scan Utility Point&&Figure button Price Lines Candlestick Charting Smoothing Utility (Averaging) Point&&Figure Zoom button Print Graph Button (Hardcopy) +/- Percent Lines Toggle Notes Button Semi-log Button View Tab Manager Loaded File Magnet Button User Comments/Notes Range Rulers Consolidation Markers Trend Lines/Channels Help Finder System Reporter BA Optimizer BA Tuner Moving Average Box Analyzer (BA) controls VA Rank Window Control VA Rank Buy:Sell Threshold Levels Load Data File View Data ASCII Field Formatter Reload Previous Stock VA Function VA Function Dialer Exit Program Box Ratio reporting VA Line's UV/DV Point&&Figure Reference Line BA Mask report (extent of BA optimization) Point&&Figure carrot markers Box Graph BA yield reporting Slide Borders BA Graph VA Rank yield reporting Slide Borders VA Rank Graph Point&&Figure date report Point&&Figure zoom extents Slide Borders Point&&Figure Graph Add to My Bookmarks Clean My Bookmarks of obsolete entries My Bookmarks navigator buttons My Bookmarks list

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