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May 30, 2024

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Insider TA's Box Analyzer Yield Values:

Insider TA's scan output produces three Box Analyzer (BA) % yield values. Each of them help provide insight on the effectiveness of the BA buy and sell tags for any particular stock. Which one you prefer to work with is entirely up to you.

This is the simple yield over the entire graph. In other words, if a "buy" signal at $10 is followed by a "sell" signal at $15, then the simple yield is 15/10, or 50%.
Similar to the BAYld(S), this is also a simple yield calculation. However, it reports the yield for the range of boxes processed by the File Scanner's BA Optimizer, the extent of which is governed by the BA Mask setting.
For instance, if a stock file has 600 entries and your BA Mask is set to 25%, then BAYld(S) will report the yield for BA buy:sells occuring over the entire 600 days, but BAYld(O) will report the yield within the first 450 days (600 minus 25%).
This is the annualized translation of the BAYld(S) value.

"BAYldS" versus "BAYldO" :

It is desirable to have BAYld(S) > BAYld(O), because that shows that the Box Analyzer settings are proving themselves profitable beyond the BA-optimized range.

In the above example, the optimized yield produced tags A, B, C, and D. Boxes within the optimized region are colored in a very light yellow. Being accurately placed, the resulting yield is favorable, say, 40%. The darker yellow boxes reflect data outside of what the BA Yield Optimizer processed. Here, we find tags E and F which also produce a favorable yield. So the overall yield (A,B,C,D,E,F) -- identified as "BAYld(S)" -- will be higher than the optimized yield (A,B,C,D) -- identified as "BAYld(O)". This means the BA Optimizer created an effective model for predicting price moves.

The Filter Panel has a "BAYld(S)>BAYld(O)" checkbox that allows you to scan for for this valuable characteristic.

The ratio of BAYld(S) divided by BAYld(O) is displayed in the Scan Database Table under the "" column. Values greater than 1 are desirable, because that shows that BAYld(S) is greater than BAYld(O), inferring a better reliability of accurate buy and sell tags as they are produced in the future.

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