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December 7, 2023

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ASCII File Downloader

The ASCII File Downloader is a new feature for Insider TA version 7.5. It is included with the Professional and Standard editions.

Download the Insider TA Demo edition to learn how the ASCII File Downloader works. (All features in the Demo edition are operational except for the downloading of historical data.)

The supplied help documentation is very thorough. But for brevity, here are the steps to take after you install Insider TA:

  1. Startup Insider TA and click the ASCII Download button.

    ASCII Download button

  2. In the ASCII downloader dialog, change the default location:

    Changing default downoad folder

    In the help documentation, the folder C:\MyStocks is used as an example, but you can put whatever folder location you prefer. If you're designating a folder that does not exist, a popup dialog will prompt if you want to create it.

    Note: If you're using the Insider TA demo edition, then the folder you input won't be populated with data files because only the Professional and Standard editions can download historical data.

  3. Click the Your Personal Keys tab. There, you will see links for signing up for your free accounts with IEX Cloud (required) and Alpha Vantage (optional).

    Your Personal Keys panel

  4. Enter your assigned IEX Cloud and Alpha Vantage keys into the applicable input fields. You're only required to enter your public IEX Cloud key. An Alpha Vantage key is optional (but recommended). Your dialog should then look like this:

    Key configuration complete

  5. At this point, you're all set to download free ASCII data for use in Insider TA (or any other charting application that can load CSV-formatted ASCII files). Click the Help button. Insider TA's popup help will advance to the ASCII File Downloader section.

Sample screen shots:

Upper tabs

Configuring your data sources:

Data Source configurations

Your personal IEX Cloud and Alpha Vantage keys:

Your Personal Keys

Data integrity checking for updating ASCII files:

Data Integrity Checking

Bottom tabs

Downloading a single symbol, with option to add to Porfolio:

ASCII symbol download results

Downloading a portfolio of stocks:

ASCII portfolio download results

IEX Cloud available symbol listing:

IEX Cloud symbol list

Download history logging:

Download history log

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