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September 25, 2023

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Controlling views with the View Tab Area

The View Tab Manager is the Insider TA control, located beneath the viewport (to the left), where you can maintain up to 10 "views" of any given stock.

When you right-click the View Tab Area, the following pop-up menu will appear to offer the following options:

Although a matter of personal preference, we like to set up three views for each stock:

  1. Daily: This view contains the data as it is provided by your data source, that is, one box plotted for each day.  For this reason, we call this view, appropriately, "Daily".
  2. Weekly: This view converts the data into a weekly format by grouping every 5 days into one box (to do this manually, press Control-G and enter 5 into the Box Grouping window).  Five days in a trade week, hence the name "Weekly". 
  3. Monthly: Analagous to the weekly view, in a 3rd view we want to group 20 entries for every box (press Control-G, and enter 20), creating a "Monthly" view.

Manually configuring these 3 views for each and every stock would be very tedious, so there is a better way!  You can program Insider TA to set up these three views automatically using the default views feature.

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