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November 11, 2019

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Loading TeleChart® TC2000 Version 7 into Insider TA™

Direct access to the TeleChart® TC2000 Version 7 database is an Insider TA™ Professional feature.

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There are two ways to load data from the TC2000 Version 7 database:

  • To load a known symbol, press Ctrl-T (or J) on your keyboard. A window will pop-up for entering the desired symbol. Be sure no other Insider TA windows are currently active, otherwise pressing Ctrl-T or J will not work. You must be at Insider TA's "base window" in order for these shortcuts to function...
Presss Control T or the J key to load a Telechart symbol
  • To select symbols from your TeleChart Watch Lists, access the File Entry Panel by clicking the "Load Data File" button, located in Insider TA's main window near the bottom (look for the button shown here to the left).

  • When the File Entry Panel pops up, you will observe that all the Watch List types that you previously configured for viewing will be shown in the File Entry Panel's Path Menu, which is the gray region on the left side...

    Configuring Watch List types for viewing:

    TeleChart data can be divided into any number of Watch Lists (also called Chart Lists).  Some are configured by Worden while others are custom lists that you can create with your TeleChart software.  These lists are divided into a number of pre-defined TeleChart categories.  You can configure Insider TA to access any combination of these categories by pulling down the "File" option in the main menu, then click "Select TeleChart List Types":

    You can also run Insider TA's File Scan Utility on Watch Lists. Simply select a list from the File Entry pulldown menu located in the File Scan Utility's Scan-By-Path List section.

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