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June 22, 2024

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Loading Metastock data into Insider TA™

Loading of Metastock® data files stored on your computer is an Insider TA™ Professional feature.

How to load Metastock data

To load Metastock files into Insider TA Pro, you need to "load" one of the three symbol index files (XMASTER, EMASTER, or MASTER) into the File Entry Panel.

In the example shown here, the XMASTER file in directory C:\MsData\Canadian\ASE is loaded. It reflects the first line item in the Path Menu (the gray region on the left). Here we configured the item to display the label "Metastock data (ASE)". We can revert that line back to displaying "c:\msdata\canadian\ase\xmaster" by right-clicking that line and deselecting the "Display Alias" option in the pop up menu.

When either the XMASTER, EMASTER, or MASTER file is loaded, the file listing on the right side will immediately fill with all the company names it stores. From there, simply click the desired ticker you wish to view.

Which symbol index file is preferable to load?

If you are working with the newer version of Metastock that allows more than 255 securities per directory, then you should always have access to the XMASTER file. In these cases, always load the XMASTER file. By doing this, Insider TA is able to access all the *.MWD files, plus all the *.DAT files referenced in the EMASTER file, automatically.

On the other hand, you might have 3rd party software that only generates Metastock files within the 255 limit. In those cases, you'll only see a MASTER file accompanying the data. So you'll have no choice but to to select MASTER. An example of this is when using CSI's Unfair Advantage® program to export CSI data to Metastock format.

Insider TA's File Entry Panel has a "wizard" option that automatically grabs all master index files from a selected disk drive. Click here for more info.

NOTE: Insider TA is unable to create or edit Metastock data. However, data loaded from any source, including those from Metastock, can be exported to ASCII files using an export feature in the ASCII Field Formatter Panel.

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