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July 22, 2024

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Insider TA version 7.5 Insider TA™, developed by Stock Blocks®, is an end of day volume-oriented stock trading tool that performs innovative technical analysis on Commodity Systems Inc. (CSI®), TC2000® version 7, Metastock® and ASCII historical data using Equivolume, Point & Figure, and Candlestick/Candlevolume charting methods.

Insider TA™ downloads ASCII historical data from Alpha Vantage.

Insider TA™ embraces Equivolume Charting -- an analysis method created by Richard Arms, Jr.  In Insider TA documentation, this technique is also referred to as Box Charting. An effective tool that excels at illustrating volume cycles, Insider TA™ maximizes the potential of Equivolume Charting by manipulating in real-time an interactive graphical "viewport", combined with the ability to optimize data for best signaling performance.

Detailed analysis also incorporates an adaptation of Joseph Granville's On Balance Volume, which we call Volume Analysis.   Point & Figure charting, although not volume-oriented, is included for cross-referencing the signals.

Insider TA™ wraps all of these theories into one comprehensive package, complete with Stoploss and Trailing Stop analysis, Buy and Sell tag signaling, and a File Scanning tool. Insider TA™ is the best Equivolume Software package for your stock analysis toolbox!

For more information on investment strategy and technical analysis for Equivolume, Point&Figure, Candlestick/CandleVolume, refer to our list of recommended resources. If you are a registered user of earlier versions of Insider TA™ and would like the latest version 7.5, then special Upgrade Prices are available! Proceed to our secure Online Order Form for more info.

For educational resources on Equivolume, Candlestick, CandleVolume, Point & Figure charting and stoploss theory, proceed to our Book Corner. Learn about Insider TA's features by clicking here, and read some past reviews.

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Insider TA™ requires:

  • Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 7
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), 20 MB disk space (+220 MB for video tutorials)
  • Internet connection for (1) automatic updates and (2) periodic license validations (we refer to this as "checking-in") approximately 4 times/year.

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