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November 11, 2019

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Insider TA™ v7.0 Features

If you are new to Insider TA, then refer to the program overview and What's This? Map.
You might also find various reviews of Insider TA to be of interest. And, of course, download the demo.

Insider TA versions 7.0 is a major upgrade from previous Insider TA versions. For users of Insider TA version 6.1 and earlier, special Upgrade Prices are available.

  • Box Charting (Equivolume), Candlestick, Candle Volume charting modes, and Point & Figure (with exclusive "zoom-to-region" popup window).
  • Live-action animated graphical viewport enables you to stretch, compress, and zoom your box charts on demand. This technique adds new dimension to Equivolume-styled charting, allowing you to thoroughly exploit all of it's analytical benefits.
  • My Bookmarks list for quick access to stocks you view most often can now be accessed in the File Entry Panel.
  • Semi-log plotting ability.
  • An Internet Update facility that automatically downloads and installs Insider TA build updates.
  • Free email-based subscription options for Update Notifications, and Software Tips.
  • Able to read CSI data[Pro Version].
  • Able to read TeleChart 2007 and TC2000 Version 4.x/5.x database, with options to input your favorite Watch Lists into the File Entry Panel.  Insider TA can also read TC2000's earlier version 3 "NDX" data files[Pro Version]
  • Able to read Metastock data[Pro Version]
  • Able to read from any data provider that can export their proprietary data to either ASCII or Metastock format.
  • Unique scanning parameters in the File Scan Utility, such as the BAYld(S/O) ratio that measures the effectiveness of the Box Analyzer's buy and sell tags over time. [Pro Version]
  • The ability to group boxes (i.e., plot every cluster of x-boxes as a single entity, where x=2..20). Some prefer to add a 2nd and 3rd view to all their stock graphs with a box grouping of 5 and 20. This effectively displays daily data in weekly and monthly styles- often an insightful advantage.
  • Able to store up to 10 views for each stock.
  • The ability to setup default views of many display functions.
  • Maximum data capacity defaults to 750 but can be increased to 2600 entries.
  • Drawing tools for analyzing stock trends and price movements: Range Rulers, Trend Channels, and Consolidation Mapping.
  • Adjustable graph segment heights (for Box Chart, BA Graph, VA Rank Graph, Point & Figure, and Volume Graph) allows easy manipulation of viewing.
  • Percent yields from either the Box Analyzer or VA Rank functions can reflect both long positions (buy-then-sell tag order) and short positions (sell-then-buy tag order). The Pro Version also has a Stoploss Mechanism that works in both directions.
  • A floating "stay on top" Quick Pick window that lets you select other stocks without having to return to the File Entry Panel or File Scan Utility window.
  • A segmented Data Legend appears beneath the viewport for displaying box data currently pointed to by a new mouse-controlled floating vertical hairline cursor - data is seen instantly on the screen.
  • Reporting windows that provide statistical feedback on the Box Analyzer and VA Rank buy/sell tags.

What's new in Version 7

  • General interface improvements.
  • Enter notes and comments using Unicode (International character sets).
  • 16 new video tutorials that explain various aspects of Insider TA operation.
  • The My Bookmarks list is now integrated into the File Entry Panel and File Scan Utility.
  • New click'n drag feature for moving your charts around more freely.
  • The Reload button now holds the last 10 stocks you viewed.
  • When commencing a scan operation, all options are now presented in one concise dialog instead of a "wizard-style" chain of questions. [Pro Version]
  • Over 130 customizable skins to change the "look & feel" of Insider TA to your personal preference.
  • Customizable graphics colors.
  • Improved behavior with the Windows Vista/7 folder permissions. You will no longer need to run Insider TA as Administrator when running the Internet Update feature.
  • New datagrid window facilitates inline editing of ASCII data fields.
  • Point and Figure charting improvements: (1) chart resizes for best fit within configured chart height, (2) Configure price triggers to one of three modes, (3) Popup menu has a new "educational" option for displaying the calculations behind the price triggers.
  • The printer function was replaced with an Export-to-HTML web page function.

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